February 19, 2020



Goldbay Paydirt

#1st Rated


First, my apologies for the lengthy review. I think it’s important to share my full experience of Goldbay products and service.

As an avid gold prospector enthusiast, whom has found it difficult in the past year or so to go prospect, I thought I would “cheat” and purchase gold paydirt. I tried a few online resellers and had an ok experience. With further research I came across several articles on Goldbay. All positive, so I thought I would give them a try.

I purchased a small amount of paydirt to see if their “guarantee” was genuine and the service matched the reviews. It certainly did…

I went back to the Goldbay website to purchase additional gold paydirt and came across a 55lb gold paydirt, 6.25 oz guaranteed, less than spot price offer. There was also an offer to load additional gold into the paydirt. I went for the maximum additional 5 oz. Now I appreciate this is a lot, but saw it as an investment.

Within 5 minutes of placing the order, Dave Varabioff (Goldbay owner) called me, great friendly guy. We talked for 15 minutes about his business and the purchase process. I received text messages, emails and calls throughout the delivery process. Amazing customer service, again I appreciate it’s a large amount to purchase and we both were being extra diligent, but I truly believe Dave (Goldbay) provides this level of service regardless of amount purchased.

Within 5 days the paydirt arrived.

Not only did the paydirt arrive, I got two personal embroidered jackets (my wife and I) and two caps. Nice additional touch.

First, I found 1.2 oz nugget, I believe it’s the largest nugget found in purchased online paydirt – Thank you Dave/Goldbay!

It took me three days to go through the 55lb of paydirt, and I was not disappointed with the finding.

Not only did I received the “guaranteed” 11.25 Oz’s, there was an additional 11 grams. The gold coloring, size and purity was amazing. Hopefully the picture gives it justice.

If you ever wondering where to go to purchase gold paydirt, I can say from my own honest experience, Goldbay is the place to go.

Our Honest Experiences

Customer Experience A+

Value for money A+ (below spot in some cases)

Quality and size of gold A+

Dave Varabioff A+

Best experience ever!

Dave Howard

About the Author

I started Goldbay in 1999 as a response to man-made or fake gold nuggets being auctioned on Ebay. I wanted a site that could control the authenticity of products and connect gold nugget buyers with a reputable source

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