fake gold nugget

Fake gold nuggets

Fake Gold Nuggets OnlineFake gold nuggets could be very costly if you don't know what you are buying. There are lots of fake gold nuggets being sold online and being marketed as genuine. This article is aimed at teaching you what to look for. Some of the people who have bought fake or man made gold nuggets on Ebay may be re-selling them and may not know that they in fact are selling man-made nuggets. The nuggets have been represented as genuine nuggets, and therefore the re-seller is just passing it on.Let's now look at some evidence of a common type of fake gold nugget in circulation. A lot of you should recognize this type of gold nugget. There was a plethora of these sold on Ebay in 2001. Myself and 1 other Ebay seller estimate approximately...

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Metal detecting for gold nuggets

Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets The search for gold is one that has fanned the fuel for adventure and enterprise for many generations.  It has been thousands of years since the valuable mineral has been discovered and used. Initially for adornment and as an offering to the gods and deities, it was eventually used by modern man in different applications. In today's setting, gold is used for everything from tooth fillings, cutting equipment, decoration and as currency. Its value has continued to rise over the years. Now more than ever, gold is actively traded in the world markets and so the search for the shiny yellow mineral has become more advanced than ever. Finding a Pot of Gold Mining for gold may be an effective method for extracting nuggets from the deepest recesses of the earth, but the method had cost...

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Gold pan – Prepare your gold pan for use

Gold Pan - Prepare your gold pan for its first use How to cure a gold pan: There are several different types of gold pans, all made from different materials. Originally, gold pans were made of steel or copper; this of course refers to the modern gold pan. Perhaps ancient man used bronze, stone, or copper. These were metals that they were familiar with. There is little evidence on exactly how ancient man procured gold. In this article I will outline a few methods of curing the pans so as to increase the recovery of fine gold particles. The steel pan which was popular in the 1800, which was actually utilized much earlier perhaps even as early as the 16th century, needed to be cured as to enhance the fine gold recovery.  Often the pans were oiled...

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gold panning for the first time

Gold panning for the first time

Gold panning for the first time I went gold panning for the first time was when I was 11 yrs old. My dad had been a prospector and hunter for as long as I could remember.  So, it was the summer I was going to turn 12 that my dad said, "alright, lets go", and I asked "where?"......."you'll see" was his reply.  We jump into our rusty, white, 4-door, 1965 Mercury Comet heading towards Spencer Hill, out of Grand forks B.C. and at the top of the hill we turned off onto a dirt road.  I was really curious. We drove for about 2 miles over a very rocky road and I was thinking dad was crazy.  Finally we came to a dead end and there were three big 4X4 trucks there, and I remember thinking...

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Suction Dredging for Gold

Suction dredging for gold

Suction Dredging for Gold Nuggets Suction dredging for gold and gold mining is significant to the debilitated economies of several poverty-stricken countries around the world.  It is also one of the rights of the American people as written into law in 1872.  In order to create better export revenue in these poor countries, gold production brings distinction and provides tax income to their governments.  Moreover, it can also create essential and considerable developments in various aspects of infrastructure.  In fact, many of these impoverished countries regard gold mining as a foundation industry which frequently offers people a number of improvements in their daily lives including great supply of electricity, clean water, useful roads and rail transportation; all of which are truly important in the establishment of a stable economy. Today, nearly all gold mining activities are accomplished...

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