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Every single day people tell me they get more gold from my paydirt compared to anyone else. Find out for yourself!

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Once people buy my paydirt they keep coming back, again and and again. One of the main reasons is the CHUNKIER gold!

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There is ZERO risk when you buy anything from Goldbay. I have been offering 100% money back refund since 1999!

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Goldbay Paydirt for sale. I have been selling paydirt online since 1999. I am told every day that I have some of the richest paydirt available at the best prices. One of the unique things about me is that I offer you 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. 21 years later that amounts to 6 refunds TOTAL :-). What have you got to lose? Give me a shot at showing you what you have been missing by buying from someone else!

1 ounce of gold – 31.1 grams – Monster gold paydirt jug – 15 pounds

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1 gram of gold – Chunky gold paydirt – 3 pounds

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Camo – Sample bag of paydirt – 1/2 gram gold in 1.5 pounds dirt

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8 mesh Gold nuggets for Sale – $200 Subscription

From: $196.00 / week
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Rare Snake River paydirt – 3 pounds and HEAVY black sand – Experts only

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1/2 gram Learners Paydirt – Gold and fools gold mix

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15 grams of gold paydirt in a 15 pound 1 gallon jug – add more gold!

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21 grams of gold – Heavy gold Paydirt nugget bucket – 15lbs

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Gold Nuggets for Sale on Goldbay. I have been buying and selling gold nuggets online since 1999. Individual gold nuggets and screen gold from Idaho, Alaska, California. I own and finance numerous mines to cut out the “middle man” and I offer some of the best prices you will find. With my 100% money back guarantee you can rest assured your purchases are without risk. If you have a need for larger quantities or are looking for something special don’t hesitate to call or text.

Paydirt and Gold Subscriptions

Subscribe for paydirt or gold nugget products to have shipped weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. The amount of gold nuggets or gold in the paydirt will depend on the price of gold on the day your subscription completes. Subscriptions are a great way to have gold shipped to your door automatically. You can subscribe using PayPal or credit cards.