February 8, 2022


I’ve been taking reaction video for this beautiful crystallized gold specimen and the people who sees this mineral all have a common reaction, “Wow, it’s beautiful”. Yup this piece of gold that looks like a spinning triple seven jackpot from a slot machine. Or maybe not, but the point is this killer gold specimen is marvelous, splendid and stunning. And for those gold lovers and miners like me these crystallized golds are the ultimate price. But what exactly is a crystallized gold and why is it more expensive than a regular gold nuggets? Here’s everything you need to know about this kind of gold.

What Is A Crystallized Gold?

A crystallized gold is a gold specimen usually covered with quartz and other minerals such as pyrite, arsenopyrite, or chalcopyrite. This kind of golds are the rarest and most beautiful form of natural gold that anyone can ever mined. In fact, less than 5% of all gold recovered through minings are considered gold nuggets and crystallized golds while the huge portion are compose of dust like particles and tiny pebbles. Aside from it’s rarity, this crystalline golds are fragile and extremely hard to extract making the cost of mining of this minerals even more expensive. However these gold specimens have the brightest color and a more crystallized shape compared to the other forms of natural gold. That is why it is highly valued by high-end gemstone collectors all over the world. In California, many lode mines have produced fine and chunky gold-bearing quartz crystals which are process into extraordinary specimens of crystallized gold. Perhaps “The Golden State” has arguably produced the finest gold specimens in the world.

How Is Crystallized Gold Formed?

Gold are often found in quartz and other minerals because they both have chemical composition that are complementary with each other. They formed naturally deep in the Earth’s crust when both (gold and quartz) are still in liquid form until it cool down and solidify. The crystallized shape of golds are the results of liquid golds that are trapped inside the cracks and veins of a much cooler quartz. This quartz are found underground through hard rock mining then get extracted and process into an exquisite crystallized gold specimen.

While gold that are found with quartz needs to be process to turn into a crystallized gold specimen. Only few people know the process of how to properly prep a gold bearing quartz. That’s why I made a video blog explaining and demonstrating “How to prep a gold quartz specimen”. Check the this blog “Preparing A Gold Quartz Specimen (Gold Continuity)”.

Crystallized Gold Value?

Gold value is consistently miss understood because people always thought that gold has limited supply. Well, that is not necessary true because gold in real life is abundant. This metals can be found probably in all mountains around the world hiding underneath those rocks and soils. The economical cost of extracting this precious metals is what makes it expensive. But of all the golds that have ever produced, only 5% are considered gold nuggets. And even lesser to gold nuggets are crystallized gold.

Although, the bulk of all gold prices depends on it’s size and weight. The value of crystallized gold is more on it’s shape, uniqueness and quality. And given the economical cost of extracting this precious metals along with it’s rarity over the other form of gold, crystallized gold are more valued than other natural form of gold by high-end gemstone collector all over the world.

gold-bearing quartz and a prep gold quartz specimen
Crystallized Gold For Sale

We have a collections of these finest, beautiful and rarest gold crystals extracted in different mines in California. You can visit this link “Crystallized Gold” to show all information for each crystal gold.

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