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How to buy gold nuggets

My Story

In 1999 I discovered Ebay and found gold nuggets for sale. I was excited and purchased my very first natural gold nugget for $17 and thought I hit the jackpot...and then the mail came. When I opened the mail and I saw the $17 gold nugget I bought I was disgusted. That was the day my life changed, that was the day I said to myself ``I will NEVER buy gold online again and I am now going to become a gold nugget seller so people do not get ripped off``, and with that Goldbay was born.

22 years later

22 years later I own the Colorado Quartz gold mine in California where I mine for rare crystallized gold underground, and I finance a number of other placer gold mines so I am able to provide high quality natural gold to my customers. I am more than just a little crazy about gold and I think the only cure is to infect you with gold fever as well! 🙂

Where my gold comes from

Since 1999 I have continued to expand what I offer for sale and continue to offer the best prices (as far as I can see from my own research). I have developed many working partnerships with gold mines and other sources of raw and unrefined gold to bring you the best, at the best prices. I also own and finance multiple mines and cut out the middle man

A little about my gold

I have individual nuggets ranging from 1 gram to over 4 ounces. I have access to multiple sources and am able to find almost anything you want.


I have all the popular mesh sizes from #4 mesh to #50 mesh. I can provide wholesale prices on orders over 1 ounce and offer discounts to gold clubs.


Goldbay gold nuggets come from Idaho, Montana, California, Alaska, Australia and the Yukon. I have rare collector specimens from the Colorado Quartz Mine in Cali.


I have been selling gold nuggets online since 1999 – 20 years and as far as we can tell the longest running website of its kind. I am not going anywhere!


Years in business. Est in 1999 and continue to expand and grow with new offerings.


Of Google and other reviews. I don't want you to just take my word for it, trust the reviews!


Beleive it or not but when I first started to sell gold it was $10.00 per gram! MOG those were the days!


A new price in 2020, the experts expect it to go much higher. Buying gold nuggets is just converting wealth from paper to metal.

What you should know

Some tips:
If you are looking to buy gold nuggets make sure you deal with a reputable seller there are many. I provide links below for the other gold sellers who are reputable and I know from being in business for over 20 years

Check Reviews

Google and Facebook are great ways to check the reviews on the company you are looking to buy from. There are a few of us who have been around for 20 years or more!

Know your seller

Are you buying direct from the miner or are you dealing with someone who ``Buys from the miner?`` (I am a direct mine to market source. no middle man)

Satisfaction Guarantee

Are you offered a satisfaction guarantee from who you are buying from? If not, why not? At Goldbay I 100% guarantee all purchases for ANY reason

Know your prices

I am providing these links to the following pages which are on page 1 of Google and the prices they have for similar items that we are offering on this page. These sellers are top notch and if I don't have what you want I recommend looking at them as well as a source for you. My prices are generally better but maybe they have something you want that I don't have (but make sure you ask me!)

Gold Nugget Sales – 1 gram gold nuggets for $75-80.00 per gram (I charge $66-70)

Gold Rush Nuggets – 1 gram gold nuggets for $80.00 per gram and up (I charge $66-70)

Natural gold Nuggets – 1 gram gold nuggets for $82.00 per gram (I charge $66-70) – This is a link to my gold nuggets for sale. PLEASE SHOP around! I have a 100% money back guarantee and as far as I can tell the lowest prices. If you cant find what you want message me via text or email. My phone number is below

Looking for Paydirt? Click Here!

For Orders & Inquiries Call or Text +1 509-465-3229

2 thoughts on “Gold Nuggets for Sale

  1. Greg Osenbaugh says:

    Thank you Dave it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for going the extra mile coming to see me I certainly appreciate it with the gold I purchased from you I already have completed the Christmas gifts for my girls my wife says they turned out beautiful I definitely recommend you for your prices as well as your service I hope I am able to kick this cancer in the ass so that I may someday get to put my pan back in the water again or learn some more about the hard rock mining anyway thank you again

    Greg Osenbaugh
    Bakersfield California

  2. Ron Benvenutti says:

    Dave, I’m impressed …I will be a regular customer for paydirt (I enjoy the sluicing/wave table/Miller table thing) and nuggets…Ron Benvenutti

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