The following story is why I started Goldbay and put gold nuggets for sale online! 

In 1999 I discovered Ebay and found gold nuggets for sale. I was excited and purchased my very first gold nugget for $17 and thought I hit the jackpot........and then the mail came. When I opened the mail and I saw the $17 gold nugget I bought I was disgusted. That was the day my life changed, that was the day I said to myself "I will NEVER buy gold online again and I am now going to become a gold nugget seller so people do not get ripped off", and with that Goldbay was born.

More about our gold

Since 1999 I have continued to expand what I offer for sale and continue to offer the best prices (as far as I can see from my own research). If you are looking to buy gold nuggets make sure you deal with a reputable seller (there are many). I also now own the Colorado Quartz Gold mine and also offer rare highly sought after gold specimens. 

  • All purchases are 100% guaranteed to be genuine.
  • We have individual nuggets ranging from 1 gram to over 4 ounces
  • We have all the  popular mesh sizes from #4 mesh to #50 mesh
  • Our gold nuggets come from Idaho, Montana, California, Alaska, Australia and the Yukon.
  • Buy with confidence, we have thousands and thousands of happy customers and 100% money back guarantee!
  • We have been selling gold nuggets online since 1999 - 20 years and as far as we can tell the longest running website of its kind

Make sure you shop around

We are providing these links to the following pages which are on page 1 of Google and the prices they have for similar items that we are offering on this page
  • Gold Nugget Sales - Similar size nuggets for $100.00 per gram (250% more than we charge)
  • Gold Rush Nuggets - Similar sizes (but different locales like AZ) $47.50 per gram (18% more than we charge)
  • Natural gold Nuggets - Similar size nuggets for $100.00 per gram (250% more than we charge)
  • Gold - Redirects you to Gold Nugget Sales and is $100.00 per gram ($3100.00 per Oz!)

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