August 18, 2019


What is my gold value?

One of the questions I get asked all the time is "Where can I get my jewelry appraised without getting taken"? Another question people ask is "What is my gold value"? or "How much is my gold worth?" For the sake of this article and the purpose of it I am going to only cover jewelry, and that the persons reading this are interested in their gold value, or how much they can get for their gold. The problem with the question of appraisal is its most likely not what people want when they are asking it, instead they want to know "What is my gold value and how much can I get for it?" So lets address that issue, and that is how to determine your gold value! From Websters Dictionary we find


noun ə-prā-zəl

: the act of judging the value, condition, or importance of something : the act of appraising something

: something that states an opinion about the value, condition, or importance of something

Based on the definition we can determine that an appraisal is

  • A judgement
  • An opinion
  • Based on condition or importance

So, looking at the factors of an appraisal they do not take into consideration the actual raw material costs and worth of used, scrap, old, damaged, no longer wanted jewelry. For these items we need to look at their "worth" From Websters Dictionary we find

Sell gold Spokane


noun val-yü

- the amount of money that something is worth : the price or cost of something

- the monetary worth of something - market price

Based on the definition we can determine that worth is

  • Is Specific
  • Lasts for a specified amount of time
  • Has a value based in $

Looking at these factors what we then take into consideration is the price of gold or silver at the time of quote, value of the diamonds or stone based on market value, the cost of refining (or scrapping of) or repairing of an item to resalable, profit for the company. Some jewelry may fall into the category of Antique, 1 of a kind, rare because of the maker etc, but for the most part when people are asking for an appraisal they are asking what their item is "worth" when they go to sell it. Appraisals are generally used for insurance purposes, replacement values or taxable value if donated to museums etc I hope this clears up questions about that for you and if you have any questions feel free to comment or use the Contact Us page

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I started Goldbay in 1999 as a response to man-made or fake gold nuggets being auctioned on Ebay. I wanted a site that could control the authenticity of products and connect gold nugget buyers with a reputable source

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