January 13, 2021


I appreciate the time and effort that paydirt reviewers put into reviewing my paydirt. I must admit that I have not watched very many of them and I am posting them as a THANK you to each independent reviewer. This reviewer is know as Survivalist2012 and you can find his channel by clicking his name. I do not know your real name Survivalist, but thank you!

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I started Goldbay in 1999 as a response to man-made or fake gold nuggets being auctioned on Ebay. I wanted a site that could control the authenticity of products and connect gold nugget buyers with a reputable source

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  1. Ive ordered several bags of paydirt from Goldbay now , and I have never been disappointed, all I can say is try it for yourself and trust me I can name about twenty others ive tried and been extremely disappointed im talking as low as a fifteen percent ROI , if ya don't buy from Goldbay at least buy somewhere you can trust what your getting and I can definitely say that about Goldbay……

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