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1 gram of gold – Chunky paydirt

(28 customer reviews)


Customize your bag by adding more gold

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1 Gram of gold – but check this out! Add more gold!

3 pound bag of PayDirt – This Paydirt bag of gold concentrates is guaranteed to contain at least 1 gram of flakes and fat chunky gold nuggets. I figured out a way to make life easier for me, and better for you! I sell about 1000 bags of paydirt per month. I now inventory this 3 pound bag in 3 standard SKU’s. 1 gram, 2 gram and 3 gram! So what does that mean for you?

Weight 3 lbs

28 reviews for 1 gram of gold – Chunky paydirt

  1. teddy charpentier (verified owner)

    Best company out there and nice chunky gold. Thanks Dave

  2. Jeff Lamore (verified owner)

    Always 5 star products from Dave at Goldbay. I ordered 3 of the 1 gram chunky bags of gold and as always a great experience. Plenty of chunky gold so the panning was quick and easy. Would have loved to see more fines just to make the experience that much longer but of course overall a awesome product. Dave is the best at what he does and his products show it. If you want a great gold paydirt or gold product shipped quickly from a fair and honest seller….Goldbay is the place to go for sure!!!! Thank you Dave!

  3. James Stratton (verified owner)

    Great paydirt for a novice like me! I add one gram to the bag and pan this a tablespoon or two at a time and there is beautiful chunky Gold in every pan. I find it relaxing panning Gold at home and my wife thinks I’m crazy so what’s not to like? Thank you Dave for great products and great service. Goldbay is #1

  4. benjamin shiflet (verified owner)

    1st time buyer also live in Florida so never panned for gold and have to say I’m extremely happy with my purchase got 1.2grams out of the bag I purchased

  5. Skotchy (verified owner)

    I just started down the path of prospecting and thought I better hone my panning skills. I want to be on point when it’s game time in the field. The biggest compliment that I can give Goldbay is that their products are exactly as advertised. No shenanigans. I ordered the 3 Lb bag and added an extra gram for added fun. I panned it all out and guess what? 2.2 grams of gold. What more could I ask? The only way I would consider ordering from anywhere else is if they gave it to me for free lol. You will have fun.

    Thanks Dave!

  6. Carl DeBenedetti (verified owner)

    Gold Bay 1 gram of gold – Chunky gold paydirt – 3 pounds
    I don’t know where his scale was when he put my bag together. Got just over a 1/2 gram three tiny pickers and some small pieces.
    I don’t think I will be buying this stuff anymore.

    • Mlgdave

      EVERY bag is guaranteed, text my personal phone and I will look up your order and make sure you get what you paid for!

  7. Adam Dorn (verified owner)

    Bug nuggets! 3.08 lbs. Had a mix of gravel and sand. Was a fun challenge!

  8. Roth Mcintire (verified owner)

    Thanks for not being another scammer and taking advantage of people who don’t know what there buying thanks for being a great business and person DAVE

  9. Christopher Pitts (verified owner)

    Was spot on and then sum found 6 pickers from 3 bags and just the chunky gold was 3 grams alone…Thank You GoldBay.com!!!

  10. Keith Jefferson

    Great paydirt beautiful gold!! I keep ordering more!

  11. Ronald Archie (verified owner)

    I received my chunky paydirt today 04/16 21 I went ahead and panned it out it was very fun I got 1.034g of gold I am still a beginner so I am keeping my tailing’s so I can pan them several more time to make sure I get all the gold
    I love gold bay paydirt Thank You. The Reverend

  12. Jacob (verified owner)

    Awesome absolutely loved it!! I bought the dirt to learn how to pan and it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend this pay dirt if you are looking to buy some.

  13. Robert Shepper (verified owner)

    Was a fun bag. Had a few pickers with my biggest one weighing in at .33. My gold weighed 1.05 grams but all in all me and the kid had a lot of fun.

  14. Robert Simpson (verified owner)

    First time doing any type of panning for gold. I bought this bag with 2 grams added to equal 3 total. I classified everything out and wound up with four different classifications. I did have a golden nugget that weighed 1.88 grams and a total of 2.985 grams of gold. While not the fall 3 grams I won’t raise fuss how close it is because I figured I might’ve missed one or two pieces as I had A LOT of fools gold. I would have to dry it out for an exact weight on the fools gold but if I had to guess he would total anywhere between .3 to .4 grams. I kept the pyrite just in case there may be a flake or two in there left my untrained eye cannot find. All in all I would recommend this product as I did have fun and enjoyed it. I kept all of my tailings and will go through them several more times over on the slim chance I may find a small piece. And I do plan on ordering more product in the future.

  15. Lamar A. Ward (verified owner)

    Dave took care of me and then some on my damaged order!!!!
    Thank you Dave and I really appreciate the large nugget!!!

  16. Kaleb (verified owner)

    As advertised, my first time panning without a seasoned pan. They guaranteed 1 gram of gold, with my inexperience and unseasoned pan I got 1.03 grams! I’m sure if got more if I was more experienced. Love this company and bought more dirt. You won’t be disappointed, they deliver on their promise!

  17. Mike (verified owner)

    Very nice chunky gold. Highly recommend. I can’t wait to buy more!!!

  18. Robert (verified owner)

    I received my bag last Monday I think. The chunky 3 pound 1 gram bag has been the best bags I’ve boughten out of all dealers. I bought a total of 3-4 bags before and been very pleased. However this time around my bag had a hole like the heat shield when he seals his bags with got to hot or maybe there was some water or dirt. Something caused the hole in my bag. And to make things worst it looked like a ape mailed it to me because when I received my bag there was only about a pound maybe a pound in a half in there so there’s a dirt with some gold trail from California to Ohio . I also added a gram so I can get two grams out of it. Well when I received it I was very p od when all the dirt was in my envelope instead of my bag. Very little was left in the gold bag. I should of mailed it back to him but I thought maybe my 2 grams were in there. So I panned it out and only got .89 grams. I didn’t even get the gram I ordered on top of the gram your supposed to get. Got one chunk weighing in at .62 which is very nice and .27 in the smaller stuff. Didn’t even classify it because there wasn’t that much dirt to begin with. I think I talked to Dave and he said he was going to make it right but he was talking to me like I was an idiot or a lier. But he did say he will send me the 1.11 grams. I like panning gives my child and I something to do as a father son bond. I’m still waiting on the gold and it’s been a week. Just disappointed because the chunky 1 gram bag has been my kid and I favorite paydirt. Doesn’t mean I won’t buy from goldbay again because accidents do happen but I’m not ordering from them until I receive my gold. Gave it two stars because every bag I received before this one been great bags

  19. Kaare Bysheim (verified owner)

    I just recently got the 3 pound bag that guarantees one gram of gold. I got exactly what was promised! I was not disappointed, and in fact, will probably be purchasing from these guys again! I’m new to panning, and sadly got burned by another vendor. I did some research, and found out about Dave and Goldbay. I would highly recommend this product for anyone just getting into panning. THANK YOU, Dave!! Look forward to another purchase from me in the near future!!

  20. Will (verified owner)

    Got a gram but the gold was dirty and ugly looking. Maybe that’s why it’s cheaper then other company’s. I will be going elsewhere.

    • Mlgdave

      You do know that I offer a 100% money back guarantee? AND I DO NOT CLEAN AND POLISH the natural gold in the bags. It is incredibly easy for YOU to do with a simple method of putting the gold in a plastic container, add some Coke or Pepsi and shake for about 5 minutes. Brightens right up. NOT everyone likes cleaned gold and so i let the consumer do it because once you polish it there is no going back and some people prefer the natural look. text me on my personal cell for a full return and refund 509-951-5604

  21. charles mellon (verified owner)

    He really means chunky. You won’t have a hard time finding the gold that’s for sure. Also went thru the black sand pretty good, & found found a good size lump of really fine stuff in the first pan. Then just a piece here & there for the rest. Would be a great bag for the kids.

  22. Chester Reynolds (verified owner)

    Top 1/4 no gold-
    Middle all gold-
    Bottom 1/4 no gold-
    Gold was obviously placed-
    Gold was very low quality –
    Total weight was 1.2 grams- gold peace’s wrapped rocks + dirt stuck inside –
    Felt very let down for the price-

    • Mlgdave

      I offer a 100% money back guarantee and YES all the gold is put in the bag. I have never said otherwise. Please text me so I can initiate a return and 100% refund including shipping. My personal cell is 509-951-5604. I have already emailed you to initiate the refund!

    • Mlgdave

      Your refund was sent today and I am sorry the bag was not to your liking. If you order again the order will be 100% guaranteed just like this one was.

  23. Rusty Shackleford

    When someone asks me what to get me for a birthday or Christmas, I always reply “a bag of dirt.” I have had nearly a dozen of these bags and I have NEVER been let down by any aspect of the transaction, shipping, or product itself. Shipping has always been extremely fast and I have always gotten the advertised minimum gold amount – usually more. I don’t know how Dave stays afloat, but I appreciate Gold Bay. This is a very fun way to hedge against inflation and the ever-weakening dollar. Great business and great fun. Happy panning.

  24. scotttherock (verified owner)

    I was very unhappy with this paydirt it is called chunky paydirt I don’t think so ok this is what I did with this paydirt I classified it into four different sizes after that I went and panned each classification after doing that I check to see how much gold I had a Little bit over a half a gram so I decided to let all the Paydirt dry out for about three weeks then I ran it through my sluice machine after doing that I ran through mine gold and dirt separator wheel for people that don’t know what this is it’s a wheel that separates real fine gold from the dirt gold goes in a hole the dirt falls off after doing all of this I only end up with .132 GM more my total was .642 GM I have to say I was very disappointing when something says chunky gold I’m thinking I’m gonna find it bigger pieces of gold and not microscopic gold which I found a lot of thank God for my wheel or I would’ve never found the gold I did I know there’s a guarantee with this bag of paydirt for 1 g of gold I do not take them up on their guarantee simply because I just want people to know my experience and I don’t wanna to go back on my word so I refuse to accept any kind of refund or another bag of this paydirt this is my first time buying off this site and I won’t be back I will give them the benefit of the doubt bags of paydirt are made by humans and we all know we are not perfect

    • Mlgdave

      Hey Scott, completely understand your concerns and I WILL make this order right, I fell WAY behind earlier this year and have added people to help me fulfill orders, answer questions and remedy problems. CAn you please text me on MY PERSONAL cell phone (509)-951-5604 so I can make this right. It is not about getting you back as a customer, its about making sure you got what was promised, even though WAY LATE. Can you please send me your order number as I do NOT see any order from “Scotttherock” or via your email address.

  25. Eric Machamer (verified owner)

    I’ve done a few paydirt bags, and this one is the best yet! I classified it down to plus and minus kitchen strainer, and panned all the minus first. Didn’t find anything, I thought there’s no way it ALL plus size, well, it was! When he says “chunky”, he means it! And it was OVER the guaranteed 1oz!! Thanks for putting out such a great product!! With all the “scammer” bags out there, it’s nice to find one of the few you don’t need to worry about!! Keep up the great work and thanks again!!

  26. Mike B (verified owner)

    I placed my first order on 8/26 a week went by and I heard nothing about my order. I sent a email and still heard nothing. I called and texted Dave and heard nothing. Finally on my second call attempt he answered. He assure me my order would go out that day and I also received a order was processed email. He also told me he would give me some extra gold for the inconvenience. I was satisfied so I placed another order for 3 grams in the 40 oz water bottle. Unfortunately I did not receive my first order until 9/10, 15 days after I ordered and no extra gold as I was told I’d receive. The second order also took 2 weeks and did NOT come in the 40 oz bottle. I texted him and called and again. NO RESPONCE!!! So I recommend going elsewhere as I will be doing from now on. Terrible customer service and does not follow through with what your told. Plenty of other GOOD gold paydirt vendors out there to deal with this. If you want to wait forever and not receive what you ordered/was promised this is the place for you!!!

    • Mlgdave

      This bad review is 10000% completely warranted. I do not have any excuse for the delay and the mix up in the order. I am approving this review rather than bury it to let everyone know this is NOT the normal. I am going through a training period and streamlining period to ensure this NEVER happens again and even more to the point that when I do promise to remedy any errors we do make (and we will make mistakes in the future), that I have implemented a system to rectify as soon as possible. Is there anything I can NOW do to restore your faith in Goldbay?

  27. robert foshe (verified owner)

    only one order so far waiting for my second now. i got the 1g chunky bag and was very pleased am currently waiting for my 2g bag and ive found customer service and shipping and product description spot on. for those saying otherwise not happy i dont know what your experience with dave has been but i recieved a guarantee in my shipment to fully refund if not happy just like on the website. everyones human and makes mistakes dave owns them and stands by his word thats why im waiting on my 2g bag now. thanks dave keep up the good work.

  28. Tim Reichard (verified owner)

    I purchased two chunky paydirt for my daughter for Christmas but I couldn’t keep my hands off. Plus I have to learn how to pan so I can teach her haha . I opened one did some research and I’m hooked! I follow on TikTok and Instagram and YouTube . Iv enjoyed watching Dave have fun searching and finding gold and some amazing pieces ! I’ve commented on how much fun it must be, and I was sad that I could not do things like that here in Pennsylvania. Now that I’m doing it in my kitchen I’ve also found there are some sites in Pennsylvania. Anyway, I did find gold in the bag almost immediately. But I need to save it for my daughter’s Christmas present. ! Can’t wait for her to enjoy this! And most likely, when I have more money, I’ll get a bag for myself ! Thanks Dave !!

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