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8 mesh Gold nuggets for Sale – $200 Subscription

(1 customer review)

From: $196.00 / week

Inquire about mixed batches or larger volumes

How often would you like your purchase

  • This purchase is for a subscription of $200 per purchase.
  • Subscription purchases are 5% discount from regular loose nugget purchases
  • Weekly subscriptions are an additional 2% off  the 5% discount!
  • #8 mesh gold nuggets are popular and widely used, there are aprox 3-6 nuggets per gram and will sit ON TOP of a
    screen that has 1/8″ openings.
  • The picture shows a representative batch of the gold nuggets you will get.
  • Our gold comes from California, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and the Yukon
Weight .10 lbs

1 review for 8 mesh Gold nuggets for Sale – $200 Subscription

  1. Thomas Florence (verified owner)

    Just received first installment of my 8 mesh gold. Very impressed with character and size uniformity of the gold. Packaging was simple and unassuming, with Gbay (instead of provocative ‘Goldbay’) on return address label. Overall, very pleased with this representative sample of my 200 dollar subscription. Also thank you Dave, for the free subscription to GPAA’s magazine.

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