Falcon Clean Up Gold Pan 11″


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Falcon Clean Up Gold Pan 11″ – Blue

It is light blue in color and features a wide bottom with no lip so you can better control the water action in your pan – this is vital for very fine gold separation from heavy black sands.

11 inch total diameter with a 7 inch bottom giving you lots of room to work. Pan also has very fine micro grooves embedded in the side to aid in fine gold retention.

A better gold pan design: A lip or riffle in a pan can cause the water to wave up the side as you slide the edge of the pan into the water. This pan does not have any riffles or a lip, so as you pull the pan back out of the water the black sand just slips gently down the side of the pan, while the fine gold stays in place. The Falcon clean up pan offers a smooth transition between the bottom and the side, unlike other traditional pans with a steep step between the bottom and the side.

Weight .12 lbs


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