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Gold PIT Treasure Scoop Portable Gold Pan


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There’s never been anything like the Gold Pit Revolutionary Treasure Scoop Portable Gold Pan to speed up recovery and isolation of gold. Whether using it when out metal detecting, or just sampling pay dirt, this neat new tool is sure to make life easier and gold easier to recover. Use this new scoop to sample gold rich gravel that you have dug out of bedrock crevices and cracks or to quickly sample untested ground.

Scientifically designed to maximize recovery of gold and speed up the process. This scoop was designed by our good friend Doc, who has been prospecting for gold since 1990.

Image Explaination

A. Made of sturdy ABS. In Green or High Contrast Blue

B. Recessed Channel to direct and isolate gold as you agitate the scoop back and forth

C. The GOLD PIT™ Helps trap gold after you have worked most of the dirt out of the front of the scoop over the riffles and into your hand. Most nuggets close to 1 gram will easily be found as you move the dirt out of the front of the scoop. They will stay behind the riffles.

If the gold is small, once you have a small amount of dirt left that will fit in the PIT, incline the scoop at a 45 degree angle and continue to agitate. This will direct the gold and backwards in the Recessed Channel where the gold drops into the GOLD PIT™.

The inside of the GOLD PIT™ has a unique checkered pattern molded into a high angled incline that keeps the gold in the PIT. Once the small amount of dirt is in the PIT, hold the scoop level and start gently bumping the front of the scoop against your hand. Tilting the scoop forward will make the material in the PIT come out faster. Tilting it back will make it come out slower. Remember to stop and agitate the scoop so the gold settles to the bottom of the GOLD PIT™.

D. Squared off front edges allow you to easily scrape your dirt into a pile.

E. Progressive riffles catch any gold as you tilt the scoop forward to empty excess overburden into your hand.

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 2.5 in


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