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NEW! Triple Riffle Sluice Matting


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NEW! Triple Riffle Sluice Matting

Featuring: 3 distinct gold catching areas.

3 Riffle Styles include: traditional Hungarian, “V” Shape, and Square riffles.

The trend today in sluice box gold recovery is using separate and distinct riffle or matting systems. Not all gold is the same shape of course. Gold of different shapes and sizes will behave very differently in a sluice. Some coarse pieces will be caught easily in a traditional Hungarian riffle system while other flatter pieces may float more and migrate down and out of your sluice. Using a hybrid sluice matting design like this one gives you the best chance to maximize your gold recovery for various types of gold. Experiment with different sluice angles and water speeds to find the best combination for your particular gold shape, size and conditions.

Our Trimmable Sluice Box Matting is Made of TPR Plastic and is Designed with 3 Traditional, Proven Gold Collecting Riffle Patterns

• Measures: 27″ x 10″
– 10″ width which can be easily trimmed to 8″ Size
• Flexible matting – less prone to cracking
• Light Weight: 1.5lbs
• TPR Light Weight Sluice box Matting
• 3 Riffle Styles: Hungarian, “V” Shape, Square
•Green color: green matting color allows for greater definition between the black sands and the matting and the gold. This makes it much easier to fine tune and properly adjust your sluice box.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 10 in


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