Why don’t we have hyperinflation?

Jake Tran on Youtube provides some insightsI listen to Jake Tran, Peter Schiff and Ray Dalio as respected people who understand financial matters and how money and investing works. Thought I would share this video. Watch for a  few more in the upcoming days. Watch the full Peter Schiff interview on the new channel, Intellectual Dropouts here: https://jake.yt/psi​ Me and Peter Schiff go deep into inflation, hyperinflation, the federal reserve, and more! Check out @Peter Schiff​'s stuff! Peter Schiff’s YouTube channel: https://jake.yt/psyt​ The Peter Schiff Show Podcast: https://jake.yt/pss​ SchiffGold: https://jake.yt/schiffgold​ Euro Pacific Asset Management: https://jake.yt/epam​

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