December 19, 2019


larger gold nugget

One of the things that I do at Goldbay is I will trade you a larger gold nugget for your finer gold flakes and small gold dust. If you want a gold nugget up to 1/2 half ounce in size I will trade you at a ratio of 1.15 point one five g per 1 g of larger gold. If you want a gold nugget that is bigger than a half ounce I will trade you for 1.18 g of fine gold and dust for the bigger gold nugget. Of course the trade-in and will be contingent on the inventory I have on hand. Feel free to make me an offer by texting me or calling me at 509-465-3229 (509-Goldbay) or emailing me

About the Author

I started Goldbay in 1999 as a response to man-made or fake gold nuggets being auctioned on Ebay. I wanted a site that could control the authenticity of products and connect gold nugget buyers with a reputable source

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