August 19, 2014


weighing gold

Weighing Gold

So how do all these terms affect you as a gold seller or a gold buyer? What will your gold buyer tell you and why?

A troy ounce is heavier than a regular ounce. Troy weights are used to weigh all precious metals.
A Troy ounce = 31.1 grams and a regular ounce = 28.3 grams.
The following list breaks it all down for you :

  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1 grams
  • 1 Troy ounce = 20 pennyweight (or dwt)
  • 1 pennyweight = 1.55 grams
  • 1 gram = 0.645 pennyweight
  • 1 pennyweight = 24 grains
  • 480 grains = 1 Troy ounce

All of the terms above may be mentioned when you’re talking about gold. The most common, however, are grams and pennyweight. You will want to be clear for yourself what the gold buyer is talking about when you’re discussing the weight of your items, and what you will be paid. All reputable gold buyers should be willing and able to give you a price per gram or pennyweight over the phone or via e-mail. Again one of the best things to do is tell the buyer the purity of your item (10k, 14k or 18k) and give them an example weight (10 grams is usually really good) and ask them how many dollars you will get for that, and simply call around until you get the best price!

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  1. That’s good to know that troy ounces are larger than normal ounces. It would be a shame to weigh the gold in normal ounces and then find out it’s not worth as much as you thought it was. I’ll have to make sure to weigh in troy ounces if I decide to sell some gold.

  2. tks for the information on this , im fairly new at this , started collecting, or should say rock hounding right around october of 2020.
    every little bit helps me to understand what im doing or how to go about it. tks again Blessings to all of us!

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